Oil and Gas Energy Mining and Natural Resource Law

Oil and Gas Energy Mining and Natural Resource Law

Nigeria is a country blessed with a flurry of mineral deposits and fossils. In fact, the exploration of crude oil and its sale remains the mainstay of its economy, with the exploration of other natural resources deposits such as iron ore, coal and bitumen gaining more footing in the market. A lot of investments and interests are held across the country thereof.

This large energy and mining investments are often cross-border and require expertise, techniques, innovation and creativity in their realization, with a need to draw on experience and best practices, as well as an ability to transpose those skills and practices to meet the demands and interests of the aforesaid investments in the norms of the country.

The Law Corridor facilitates clients to structure, acquire finance, implement projects and manage their investments given our expertise as we recognize these investments take the form of large scale projects. With our local know-how and relationships, transactional capability and broad-ranging skills in finance, corporate, tax, real estate, securities, environmental and competition law, we deliver unrivalled integrated legal services to enable our investing client access smooth investment plan and an attainment of goals. Our ultimate aim is to efficiently provide commercially effective solutions at every stage of such investments.

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